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Vacuum Box Testing:

In this type of non-destructive examination we try to locate weld seam leakages. A vacuum chamber is created with the help of compressor while a specialized detergent solution is applied on the inspection area. Any leakage in the desired area would result in producing detergent bubbles making it visible for the NDT Inspector. Qualtech NDE has developed an indigenous system compliant with ASTM E515. Also, all our inspection tasks are conducted within the parameters of ASME Section-V, Article 10, Appendix II or as per our client specifications. 


Application of Vacuum Box Testing: 

1. Lap Welds, Butt Welds and Shell to Annular Welds.

2. Piping systems and Pressure vessels.

3. Above ground storage tank bottoms.

4. Any objects on which a pressure differential ,across the area of inspection, can be implemented. 


1. Immediate visual indication of any leak present in the area under examination.

2. Ability to find small (pin hole) indications in the desired area.


1. Precise orientation and size of defect will have to analyzed with a secondary NDT Method.

2. Surface temperature must be taken into consideration before inspection. 

Below are some pictures of inspection jobs conducted by Qualtech NDE:

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